CafeSuite 3.58.2

CafeSuite 3.58.2  2011-08-02

CafeSuite is powerful Cyber Cafe management software that helps with managing customers and employees, controlling computers and printers, securing systems, accounting and billing. It simplifies and automates running your Internet Cafe business. Unlike many other competitive programs, CafeSuite is robust, quick, secure and very intuitive and easy to use. It doesn't matter how big your Internet cafe is - CafeSuite is capable of controlling any number of workstations. CafeSuite is designed to be a complete solution for Internet cafes and to make life easier for Internet cafe owners, operators and customers.

The package constsists of two applications:
a main program installed at the operator desk. It is used by operators to control all connected client workstations.
installed on all client workstations - it secures and locks the system, offers possibility to log in and out and shows session information.
The basic task of our software is to provide operators and customers with an accurate timing and billing information at any time. CafeSuite keeps customer accounts, so that customers can log in on their own using username and password, printed account ticket with a timecode or even a magnetic card. It is possible to set any pricing you might imagine including periodic discounts on specific days or times, traffic and group discounts, time bonuses or points system. The software keeps inventory of products and services and supports POS devices such as receipt printers, barcode scanners and vending machines. Other important features include reservations, print control, remote screen and instant recovery of disk partitions. The software generates various statistics, which give detailed information about business performance. All transactions and actions are recorded into a database and can be viewed through multiple reports. Reports can also be delivered by e-mail.
Our software is used in over 5,000 cyber cafes all over the world. See testimonials from our customers.
See full list of features to learn more about CafeSuite.

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47 Responses so far.

  1. tonydubai says:

    you are the master in crack software thanksssssssssssssssss is working well, i hope to see the latest version cracked by Mr. MAMTK, the new version is CafeSuite 3.58.3 2011-09-05 hope to see this soon!!!! you are the best thanks, i will also come back to check

  2. Stephanie says:

    !Mr. MAMTK you are the best... We cant wait for the latest version CafeSuite 3.58.3

  3. Rabinskc says:

    Cracker Master Mr.MAMTK now new version cafesuite launch version 3.58.4 every people wait new version crack Alway God Bless You Master Mr.MAMTK

  4. غير معرف says:

    license expire after 1 week. Mr.MAMTK please fix this issue. thanks and more power to you

  5. غير معرف says:

    same here expire apter 1 week please fix this issue, thanks.

  6. tonydubai says:

    the software is working well no bug or error once again thanks

  7. غير معرف says:

    yes the software really works, but after 1 week it will expire... i hope MR.MAMTK fix this

  8. غير معرف says:

    MR.MAMTK fix this issue about 1 week already expired, thanks.

  9. tonydubai says:

    i have used the software for some time now i see no expired license is working prefect what you will see each time you lunch the software is (Warning Cracker) (Mr.MAMTK) and if you chick the (software license info) you will see license expires: (NEVER )so the software is in good time

  10. tonydubai says:

    another new version now is CafeSuite 3.58.5 is the latest i hope the man in the house will take care of it

  11. غير معرف says:

    @tonydubai how many days you used the 3.58.2 ? no problem or bug but apter 1 week the license is expired and i try to patch again but no luck.

  12. غير معرف says:

    yes the version has no bugs/problem, but it expire after 1 week. i tried to uninstall and patch again but it already said "expired"

  13. tonydubai says:

    i have used this software for a 3 weeks now to 1 month i see no bug or problem with it, i don't know the type of problem you people are facing, all i know this software is working 100% fine, But maybe is from windows, i use it in (windows7) i don't know of (windows xp) i hope it work fine WITH IT (NO LICENSE EXPIRED) THIS IS FULL CRACKED SOFTWARE I AM FULLY SURE

  14. غير معرف says:

    @ .tonydubai thanks for the info,

  15. غير معرف says:

    why in windows xp the crack expires after 1 week any fix for that

  16. tonydubai says:

    i have test it in (windows xp) today is working good no error or crack expires after 1 week, please check your system every well

  17. tonydubai says:

    if you want to apply the crack, put the (Patch cafeSuite 3.58.2) in the installation folder and apply it, finish

  18. غير معرف says:

    yes i have followed the instruction
    1 - i installed cafesuite 3.58.2
    2 - then copy the crack to the cafesuite 5.58.2 directory
    3 - apply the crack
    after 1 week cafesuite expires.

    I running on 2.66 dual core processor
    Using windows sp student edition service pack 2
    1 g ram
    256 graphic card

    D:\cafesuite - Installation directory
    also cafegate appear which tells the cafesuite is expired or not registered
    Sir TONY kindly give us proper instruction on using cafesuit 3.58.2

  19. Thuevo says:

    i have same problem using windows 2008r2... crack expire after 1 week.. i can fix it creating a backup of config.dat in Data dir and remplaced for it when cafesuite expires.. but it is tedious ...

  20. Thuevo says:

    tal vez esto pase porque instalamos cafesuite cargando los datos de una version anterior ; espero no tener que instalar cafesuite y configurarlo desde cero ..

  21. Thuevo says:

    this may happens because loading data CafeSuite install a previous version, I hope not having to install and configure it from CafeSuite 0 ..

  22. tonydubai says:

    HELLO TO EVERY ONE HERE, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE IN FRESH (windows XP professional pack 3) AND GIVE THE FEEDBACK? because i know that it work well with it waiting for your reply thanks

  23. tonydubai says:

    i can give you guys full working screen shot of cafe suite 3.58.2 see by your safe the (Power of Mr.MAMTK) THIS IS THE LINK FOR THE screen shot HEAR ( COPY THE LINK

  24. غير معرف says:

    Sir ToNY ,
    When you install 3.58.2 cafesuite in your window 7 does it have an older version of cafesuite?

    or did you install the cafesuite in a clean window 7 ,
    maybe cafesuite expired when theres an old cafesuite installation lower version i guess
    cause i see what have been misbehaving is the config.dat
    maybe if we instal in a clean OS ( no cafesuite installation )
    then maybe it wont expire i,ll be running this on a virtual machine but takes a while because we need to wait 1 week
    for the results

  25. tonydubai says:

    i have test this software on windows 7 and windows xp it work well as i say before install in fresh windows or try to delete old version and it folders, cafesuite have 2 folders

  26. غير معرف says:

    windows 7 32 bit user here.
    uninstall my 3.54.5 version, i delete 2 cafesuite folder in program files and program data.. but after 1 week cafesuite expires. maybe it need a fresh windows install before installing this crack version

  27. غير معرف says:

    yes thats what im trying to say
    maybe it wont expire when we install it in a clean os
    so far thats the thing that we have missing we all have lower version installed then we all installed this 3.58.2 version
    pls give us feed back for any information is crucial

  28. Noel says:

    yes it will not expire upon installing on a machine with a fresh OS

  29. Noel says:

    the only thing that is annoying with this crack is the name of the cracker LOL, it pops up every time you launch the cafestation, but all in all it works, been using it for 2 weeks..

  30. Noel says:

    by the way, i heard rumor that mr.mamtk will no longer make a crack for the succeeding versions like 3.58.3 up to the last, i hope it is not true..

  31. TONYDUBAI says:

    how told you that? is not true @Noel

  32. غير معرف says:


  33. Noel says:

    It;s confidential sorry...

  34. غير معرف says:

    i install the 3.58.2 and i aply the patch then apter 1 week expired,
    so i dicide to reformat my pc then install OS windows xp sp2,
    then apter reformat i install cafesuite 3.58.3 apter 1 week expired again so sad.

    can help me to install this without expired plz... can u give me any idea thanks in advance.

  35. غير معرف says:


    i install the 3.58.2 and i aply the patch then the patch is working, apter 1 week expired,
    so i dicide to reformat my pc then install OS windows xp sp2,
    then apter reformat i install cafesuite 3.58.2 apter 1 week expired again so sad.

    can help me to install this without expired plz... can u give me any idea thanks in advance.

  36. غير معرف says:

    Me to installing with clean os, also get expired after 1week...zzz look like gonne back to 3.54.5 oldies version..(or please Mr.Mamtk any fix for this verion?)

  37. غير معرف says:


  38. thank mr mamtk for your work cafesuite 3.58.2 works for and i tested for almost two weeks now and it never expire just the instruction with clean windows xp sp 3 and your done

  39. غير معرف says:

    @Jeffrey Pagtailan from ph may pwd ko ba malaman ang (email ad mo or facebook account)may itatanong lang ako kasi lagi na xxpired sakin tuwing isang lingo plz lng tol

  40. pre ito fb ko cafesuite 3581 lang gumagana sakin bigyan kita ng link dre ok

  41. greg says:

    ung client pc ay hanggang 1 year lang 2012 expired saka ung cafesuite di stable.. di mag lock agad

  42. غير معرف says:

    crack was not work perfectly..need more fix mr mamtk

  43. غير معرف says:

    ????? Hey what is the password

  44. غير معرف says:

    The client license is expired due end of year 2012. There a solution about this?

  45. sir i have a problem in cafesuite 3.47e how to remove client password ? is there a application that can remove the password?

  46. the name of my client id is Bl@ck St0rm .. im using a cracked cafestation by apakekdan and mamtk

  47. .:. Apakekdah @ Bl@ck St0rM .:.

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